Frequently Asked Questions

Since we receive over 300 e-mails per day, we have prepared this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) answer sheet to expedite our service.
1.  Shipping?
2.  Warranty?
3.  Stringing?
4.  How do you sell for so low?
5.  Payment?
1.  Shipping.  My address is:
Mike Morris
Columbian Tennis Shop
1030 Mountview DR.
Carrollton, TX  75006  
We use to located at the tennis building of the Columbian Country Club in Carrollton, Texas. We have moved can be reached at 1030 Mountview Dr.  My Paypal address is the same
Local Pickups
The Shipping charge is waived with local pickups which can be done with 24 hour notice and confirmed times 7 days a week from 9 am to at least 9 pm.  We can't take credit cards other than through Paypal but we do accept cash or local checks with a valid Texas driver license.  Texas Sales Tax of 8.25% applies to all local pickups and all deliveries to Texas addresses.

Continental, Contiguous, non P.O. Box US address
I have a shipping contract and my shipper charges me so my fees are set ($12.50) to send one racket UPS ground to all continental, contiguous, non po box US addresses.  Each additional racket in the same box is an additional $5 per racket, and this includes the mandatory insurance. 
UPS will send an automated notification of shipment via e-mail so you can track your package. This e-mail is usually sent on the same night of pickup.

Alaska, Hawaii, or US territories
Continental, contiguous US  PO, MPO, CPO, or any box address is the purvey of the United States Post Office and has to go through the mail which my shipper charges me $21 for priority and $17 parcel.   We usually ship 4 days a week, Tuesday through Friday and try to get most rackets out within 24 hours of payment with Saturday and Sunday payments generally going out on Tuesday.    Deliveries to APO boxes, Hawaii, Alaska, or any US territory or protectorate are $21 and will be delivered by the USPS priority mail, and $5 for each additional racket in the same box, .

International Shipping going USPS airparcel post unless stated.
USPS air parcel post does not have a tracking number. 
If you wish to have express mail, (tracking number), or registered mail there is an additional charge for this method.
Canada is $26 for the first racket in the box and $11 for each additional plus insurance of $1.50 per $100 value required. 
Most of Europe with the exception of England is $48 for the first racket in the box and $27 for each additional, and insurance is included. 
England, Australia and the Pacific Rim are $48 for the first racket in the box and $27 for each additional and insurance is included.

These countries are shipped USPS express mail: Israel, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Mexico, Central America, and South America. They are $52 for the first racket in the box and $27 for each additional with insurance i ncluded as required by paypal for trackingand goes by Express Mail. 
We have found the ideal number of rackets to be  6  can ship before dimensional weight (DIM) charges kick in.  Also many countries have a size limit on their packages and a 6 racket box is all that is allowed.  The Customs service requires that all packages be marked as merchandice.  We can not mark any package as a gift.  Please contact your local customs office for all applicable taxes before placing your bid.  We now requre a valid phone number with all international deliveries as this seems to greatly expedite shipping time.
2.  Warranty.  We are authorized dealers for every brand of racket that we sell.  Most manufacturers have a limited warranty against manufacturing defects that can be anywhere from 3 months to a year from the date of purchase.  We are more than happy to help with any warranty returns that the customer feels may be covered by this limited warranty but all shipping charges will be the responsibility of the customer.  My shipper charges me $14 to send a racket to the manufacturer and if the manufacturer decides that it is a manufacturing defect, $14 back to you on continental contiguous US addresses if in the continental contiguous US going UPS ground.  I pass the shipping charges($28) on to the customer which must be paid before we ship the racket to the manufacturer, shipping charges are as stating in number 1.  I also guarantee that when you purchase a racket from either the store or in an auction that it will be exactly as described when it arrives.  I do not guarantee that you will like how the racket plays, that it will improve your game, or help you lose weight but we do try hard to get you the racket you ordered.  All other warranties, express or implied are between the customer and the manufacturer.  We do keep a database of when your racket was purchased if you ever need to know if your racket is still covered by the manufacturer's limited warranty.
Other address destination are the same as shipping prices above. 
3.  Stringing.  My stringing career now spans 4 decades.  I string roughly 1000 rackets a year and can generally get a racket strung and shipped within 24 hours of receiving payment.  I have over 100 different strings/colors in stock with installed prices ranging from $19 to $35. 
Forten synthetic gut for $19,
Slazenger Championship Nylon for $19,
Clarke Natural(available in Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, Black, and Natural) Nylon for $19,
Dunlop Synthetic gut (White, Yellow) for $22,
Head Synthetic gut (Red, Yellow) for $22,
Wilson Ultra for $22,
Wilson Extreme 17 g for $23,
Dunlop Gutech for $24,
Head Comfort Zone for $24,
Prince synthetic gut for $24,
Wilson Extreme Control for $24,
Wilson Stamina for $24,
Wilson Sensation(Blue, Yellow, Red, Orange, or Natural) for $25,
Wilson Supreme for $26,
Babolat Hurricane for $27,
Gamma synthetic gut for $27,
Head Fiber Gel for $27,
Lazer synthetic gut $27,
Prince Perfect Control for $27, 
Wilson Hammerlast for $28,
Dunlop Max Comfort $29,
Live Wire for $30,
Gamma TNT for $30,
Head Perfect Power or Perfect Control for $30,
Wilson NXT & NXT Max for $30,
Volkl Fire Hybrid for $32,
Babolat XCel for $33 to name a few. 
I have many more strings not listed here so if you don't see your favorite string, let me know and I'll check it's availabily and installed price.  I specialize in hybrid stringing and am more than willing to put an exotic combination together to your specifications at a reasonable price.  Don't be afraid to try a Alpha Polycable main string and Wilson Sensation cross string for a durable hybrid combination that hits great for $27 installed.
4.  How do you sell for so low?  Over the years, we have established great ties with some of the best manufacturers in the business.  Once a racket reaches that point where it is no longer being actively advertised by the manufacturer but still fills a niche in the tennis players needs, I try to purchase as many as I can so that players can find a great deal from a large selection.  My hope is that players will use my store to find those rackets that they can't find anywhere else at a price that has them sending their friends to us.
5.  Payment?  We accept Paypal, Bidpay, Money Orders, Cashier's Checks, Personal Checks, and Cash (local pickup) for payment.  Money Orders must be delivered to our address in US $ as we will not pick them up at a Western Union office.  Personal checks mailed in will be deposited as soon as possible with merchandise held from shipment until the check clears.  This usually takes 10 business days so shipment of an item is generally delayed two weeks after the check arrives here.  All other payments result in shipment on the next available day.  UPS ground is usually picked up Monday through Friday around 5 pm.  We will take personal checks with a valid Texas driver's license as well as cash with local pickups.  We can't take credit cards any other way than through Paypal and we will not ship COD.
If you could not find the answer to your specific question above, please type "Columbian Tennis Shop" in the subject line of your e-mail browser and write to me here.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.
Good luck, Mike & Sylvia Morris