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          midplus Tennis Racket

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Head i.XSpeed (MP) 102
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Head iSpeed

Head i.XSpeed Tennis Racket in a midplus 102 square inch head and 4 5/8 grip. Plastic still on the handle. The i.XSpeed midplus is 27 inches long and weighs 9.5 oz. It is composed of Titanium and Graphite and incorporates Headís revolutionary intellifibers which actively stiffen the racket at impact and give unbelievable power while absorbing up to 20% of the vibrations

The X series rackets have the intellifibers at 4 points on the head to minimize twist and provide frame stability. The beam width is 24 mm and the balance point is at 340 mm for an even balance. Head recommends this racket for the player with a L1 swing style which is a long swing speed and style of play. Recommended string tension in this racket is 53 to 61 lbs in this 16X19 design.

This racket comes with vibration absorber as shown. We do have cases for sale if you want to order a case which may be different then one in picture.

Available in the following Grips:

One frame Grip size 4 5/8 (5) all gone

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