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The Head Liquid Metal Heat is a Midplus racket with a 102 square inch head. It weighs 9.9 ounces (strung) and is 27 inches long. .The racket uses Head's new Liquidmetal alloy, which transmits about 40% more energy than Titanium. Four points on the racket frame have concentrations of the alloy, creating a box around the sweet spot.

Piezzoelectric fibers (aka Intellifibers) are also used in this racket. These fibers convert stress into energy so that they stiffen when under strain; this causes the force of a ball hitting the racket to be transferred right back. The grip uses NoShox technoloy, which incorporates Memory Foam to reduce strain on the elbow. It also has Total Sweetspot Construction, which increases head stability and reduces torsional twisting. 

It comes a Head  Vibration Absorber and with the Full Racket Case shown in the picture, which has an adjustable shoulder strap.  Also includes a replacement grip in case the grip seal does not come off.

This racket is a straight beam with of 22 mm and carries an L3 play characteristics rating which is designed for players with longer swings who would like more control than power from the racket. At 22 mm the beam is wide enough to be stable on off center hits but narrow enough to allow aggressive crosscourt topspin passing shots

Headsize: 102 square inches (658 sq. cm.)
Weight: 9.9 ounces (330 grams)
Length: 27 inches
Balance: even balance
String Pattern: 18 x 19

One set of Head comfort zone 15g installed for $19.99 (reg. $30)

Recommended string tension is 52 to 62 lbs.
I recommend going down 2 lbs in the cross strings to equalize pressure throughout the string bed.

Available in the following Grip:
One frame grip size 4 1/2 (4) $119.99 on sale for $84.99 (we have a set number we are selling at this price so do not wait as they will go back up to 95.99)

Two frames grip size 4 1/2 (4) regularly $231.98 $159.98 (that is $79.99 each limited time offer
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