Head TiS2 Comfort Zone Tennis Racket : click picture for
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Suggested Retail $189 unstrung $219 strung
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Head Ti.S2 Titanium Tennis Racket.

This racket fits just about any player with medium swing speeds and lengths with Head rating it at S2 on their swing chart.

 It measures 27.5 inches long with a head size of 660 cm (102 square inches). The Ti.S2 CZ weighs 245 grams (8.6 ounces) and is balanced at 360 mm for a near even balance. It sports a beam width of 25 mm which allows topspin hitters to grab the ball but also allows flat hitters a nice width for power. Head's Comfort Zone grommets enlarge the sweet spot and increase ball dwell time which allows more spin to be hit and is easier on the arm.

It comes factory strung with Head synthetic gut (a $23 value), the Full Racket case pictured. Recommended string tension is 53 to 62 in this 16X19 design.

Available in the following Grip:
One frame grip 4 5/8 (G5)  $81.99 last 10 frames

Two frames grip 4 5/8 (5) $157.98. that is $78.99 a frame
Additional postage is required for International ($12) and destinations not in 48 states ($5)

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