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For individual rackets,
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Columbian Tennis Shop

972 820 0619

Carrollton, TX  75006

 I am an authorized dealer of the following brands:


More rackets will be posted shortly.

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Here are links directly to the individual rackets:

Dunlop 200G XL
Dunlop 400G
Dunlop 500G
Dunlop 700G
Dunlop 900G
Dunlop 1000G
Dunlop Abzorber 98
Dunlop Abzorber 108
Dunlop Aerogel 200
Dunlop Aerogel 300
Dunlop Aerogel 500
Dunlop Aerogel 600
Dunlop Aerogel 500 Tour
Dunlop Lady G
Dunlop Mfil 200 Plus
Dunlop M Fil 400
Dunlop M Fil 600
Dunlop M Fil 700
Dunlop Roland Garros Racing 100
Dunlop Vision 102

Fischer Beat Pro
Fischer GDS 710
Fischer GDS 910
Fischer GDS 910 FT
Fischer GDS Spice FT
Fischer GDS Spirit
Fischer GDS Spirit FT
Fischer Pro Tour
Fischer Smash Ti
Fischer TT 750
Fischer TT Competition FT
Fischer TT Speed FT 

Gamma C1
Gamma C2
Gamma C3
Gamma C4
Gamma T5
Gamma T7

Head iCalibre
Head iExtreme
Head iRadical OS
Head iS1 MP
Head iS1 OS
Head iS2 MP
Head iS2 OS

Head iSpeed
Head iX1
Head iX3 MP
Head iX5 MP
Head iX5 OS
Head iX6 OS
Head iXSpeed MP
Head Liquid Metal 4
Head Liquid Metal 8
Head Liquid Metal Heat
Head LM Instinct Tour XL
Head Liquid Metal Radical
Head Liquid Metal Rave
Head TiHeat
Head TiJunior
Head TiLaser

Head TiS1
Head TiS2

Prince Air Freak 100
Prince Air O Scream 110
Prince Air Vanquish 100
Prince Air Vanquish 110
Prince DB Shark 100
Prince O3 Hybrid Spectrum MP
Prince Triple Threat Airstick / Prince TT Airstick
Prince Triple Threat Scream / Prince TT Scream
Prince Triple Threat Turbo Outlaw / Prince TT Turbo Outlaw

Volkl Catapult 3
Volkl Quantum Force
Volkl Tour 7
Volkl Tour 8 SE
Wilson BLX Blade 98 Pink
Wilson BLX Coral Wave
Wilson BLX Juice Pro 96
Wilson BLX Two
Wilson BLX Four
Wilson BLX Five Lite
 Wilson BLX Six.One Lite
Wilson BLX ProStaff 90
Wilson BLX Pro Staff 100 LS
Wilson Hammer Cyclone
Wilson Hammer Rival midplus
Wilson Hammer Rival oversized
Wilson Hammer 2 Oversize
Wilson Hammer 5 Midplus
Wilson Hammer 5 Oversize

Wilson Hammer 5.4
Wilson Hyper Hammer Blaze
Wilson Hyper Hammer 2.1 Lite
Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3
Wilson Hyper Hammer 6.3
Wilson Hyper Pro Staff 6.5
Wilson Hyper Carbon Pro Staff Ti. 6.6 110
Wilson Hyper Pro Staff 6.7
Wilson Hyper Pro Staff 7.1
Wilson Hyper Pro Staff Torch
Wilson Hyper Pro Staff Trance
Wilson K 5 MP
Wilson K 5 OS
Wilson K 5 Force
Wilson K Blade 98
Wilson K Blade Team
Wilson K Bold
Wilson K Brave
Wilson K Pro Tour
Wilson K Sting
Wilson K Six-One
Wilson K Six-two
Wilson K Surge
Wilson K Zen Team FX Orange
Wilson K Zen Team FX Pink Rose Zen

Wilson nCode N4 MP
Wilson nCode N4 OS
Wilson nCode n5 OS
Wilson nCode n5 Force MP
Wilson nCode n5 Force OS
Wilson nCode n6 MP
Wilson nCode n6 OS
Wilson nCode nBlade MP
Wilson nCode nBlade OS
Wilson nCode nFury Two MP
Wilson nCode nSix-two MP
Wilson nCode nSix-two OS
Wilson nCode nTour
Wilson nCode nVision
Wilson nCode W2 Black Whisper OS
Wilson nCode W2 Blue Shadow OS
Wilson nCode W2 Spicy Ruby OS
Wilson nCode W4 Cobalt Storm
Wilson nCode W4 Red Fury
Wilson nCode W4 Savage Lime
Wilson nCode W4  Savage Sapphire
Wilson nCode W5 Divine Iris

Wilson nCode W6 Blue Steel
Wilson nCode W6 Wild Crimson
Wilson Triad 2 - T2

We also have limited numbers of some additional rackets available (including some one-offs). If you are looking for any of the following frames, contact us for a price quote (please include your grip size and the full name of the racket).
Babolat VS NCT Drive
Dunlop Roland Garros Racing
Dunlop Aerogel 800
Dunlop Aerogel 700
Dunlop Aerogel 600
Head Metallic 4 Flexpoint
Head Metallic 2 Flexpoint
Head Liquid Metal 1 / Head LM1
Head Flexpoint Prestige
Head Flexpoint Prestige Team
Prince Tour Diablo
Prince O3 Hybrid Shark Midplus / Prince Shark MP
Prince O3 Hybrid Shark Oversize / Prince Shark OS
Prince O3 Hybrid Spectrum OS
Volkl Catapult Fire 2
Volkl DNX V1
Volkl V Engine Tour 8
Wilson BLX Blade FX MP
Wilson BLX Pro Tour MP
Wilson K Six One (18x20 string arrangement)
Wilson K Six One Plus
Wilson K61
Wilson K Six One Team
Wilson K Blade Tour
Wilson K One / Wilson K1
Wilson K Zero / Wilson K0
Wilson K Three / Wilson K3
Wilson Pro Open
Wilson K Surge
Wilson K Tour
Wilson K FX One / Wilson K FX1
Wilson K FX Three / Wilson K FX3
Wilson K FX Cobra Team
Wilson nFury Two / Wilson nfury2
Wilson nSix Two OS / Wilson n62OS

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