Prince Air
          Vanquish 100 Tennis Racket: click for a larger image

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Prince Air Vanquish MP
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Prince Air Vanquish Tennis Racket in a midplus 100 square inch head. This racket comes prestrung.

The Air Vanquish is a standard 27 inches long and weighs 10.2 ounces. It is composed of Prince's GraphitExtreme material reinforced with Triple Threat Titanium, Copper, Tungsten and Carbon in the handle and 10 and 2 positions of the head. The variable beam width is 23 mm at the tip of the head which tapers up to 25 mm then downto a 22 mm shaft.

This racket is balanced at 33 cm for a head light balance. Prince rates this racket at 925 on their power scale which tends to suit players with full strokes and medium+ to fast swing speeds.

Special features on this racket are the fiber flex shaft, sweetspot suspension system, airbridge throat design, and a narrow throat bridge for enhanced feel.

The Air Vanquish comes with the full racket case and is factory strung with Prince lightning in 16 gauge (a $25 value). Recommended string tension is 53 to 63 in this 16 X 19 design.

Available in the following Grips:

One frame grip size 4 3/8 (G3)  $96.99 last 3 frames

Two frame grip size 4 3/8 (30 $187.98 (that is $93.99 a frame)
Additional postage billed for International($12) and destinations outside 48 states $5

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