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Wilson BLX Five Lite 160 (also known as the Wilson BLX5 Light, Wilson BLX 5 Lite, and Wilson BLX V Lite)
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with cover (unstrung)

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New, plastic on handle, Wilson BLX 5 Light tennis racket in a midplus 103 square inch head. 
This racket has red, white, and charcoal grey graphics. Original selling price $229. Please take a close look at the image above (you can click for a larger version). There are several Wilson tennis rackets with very similar names and stats but that don't look anything like each other.

The BLX FiveLite weighs 8.8 ounces unstrung and is 27.25 inches long.

It is balanced at 35.5 cm for a 3 pt head heavy rating on a beam width of 25.4mm.  The BLX Five Lite has Wilson's triad technology where the head is separated from the shaft of the racket by a shock cancelling Iso-Zorb polymer that provides a more comfortable hit.

The BLXV utilizes Wilson's BLX technology which incorporates fibers of basalt longitudinally (basalt is a natural volcanic rock). Wilson K-Factor racquets all incorporate this vibration dampening material in a system they refer to as Karophite Black. According to Wilson, the result is a significant reduction in vibrations in the racquet.

Recommended string tension is 50 to 60 lbs on this 16 x 20 string pattern where I recommend going down 4 lbs in the cross strings to equalize string pressure throughout the frame.

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String and String Installation are available as add-ons to your purchase.  We carry over 100 different strings and a wide variety of colors.  After adding this racket to your check-out cart, just click on the string options at the bottom of the page to add them. 

Available only in the following Grip Size (please note that the 4 0/8 grip size is the smallest grip size available on standard rackets):

One BLX Lite Grip 4 0/8 (G0) Regularly $209 on sale for $142.99 without cover unstrung

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