Wilson HCyclone Tennis
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Wilson Hammer Cyclone (H Cyclone ) 115 (OS)
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Wilson Hammer Cyclone Stretch oversize 115 square inch head tennis racket. This racket is a stretch 28 inches long and weighs 8.1 ounces unstrung.
It has been designated as a demo but has never been strung or used in any way as evidenced by the plastic shrink wrap that is still on the handle.

The HCyclone is designed for players with short compact swings with a swing rating of H3. This racket has a 29mm dual taper beam utilizing isogrid technology with width where you need stability and power and a thinner beam for feel and spin. It is a 30% Hyper Carbon and 70% Graphite construction. This racket is balanced at 37 cm for more weight through the hit.

The H Cyclone comes with the Wilson ProFeel shock absorber pictured. Recommended String Tension is 55 to 65 lbs in this 16X19 design where I recommend going down two lbs in the cross strings to equalize pressure throughout the string bed.

Wilson Sensation test installed $21 ($32 value) for one frame

Wilson NXT installed $30 ($42.5 value) for one frame
Available in the following Grips:

One frame grip size 4 3/8 (3) Reg. $99 on sale for $82.50
Two frames grip size 4 3/8 (G3) Reg. $188 on sale for $155.98 (that is $77.99 a frame)
Additional postage is required for International ($12) and destinations not in 48 states ($5)

One frame grip size 4 1/2 (4) $92.99 (We will take a 4 3/8 and remove the plastic to build up the grip

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