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Wilson ncode W4 Savage Lime (OS) 107
Suggested Retail $230
Our Price As low as $80.99 or $90.99 for 4 1/8

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Wilson N code W4 Savage Lime Tennis Racket in a 107 square inch head size.

nCode racquets from Wilson take racquet construction to the molecular level. Wilson nCode racquets are designed to be stronger, more stable and more powerful than ordinary racquets.

The Savage Lime weighs 9.1 ounces unstrung and is 27.25 inches long. The NW series rackets were designed, with input from female athletes, specifically for women with weighting, balancing, head size and racket lengths tailored to maximize results.

The NW4 Savage Lime carries a 4 swing rating which is for the female player with medium length swings who faces a variety of playing styles. This racket was designed to provide a balance of power and control. This racket is a dual taper beam with a 24 mm width at the tip and throat for better feel and control and a 26 mm width at the widest point of the head for stability and power.

The aerodynamic frame design provides easier frame acceleration and more power and spin on contact with the ball. This racket is balanced at 35 cm. for a 1 pt head heavy rating for more power through the hit.

Recommended String Tension is 53 to 63 lbs in this 16x18 string pattern where I recommend going down 2 lbs. on the cross strings to equalize string pressure throughout the string bed.

The NW4 Savage Lime 107 includes the vibration dampener and full racket (Cases vary in makeup) and comes with Wilson's limited manufacture warranty.

Wilson Sensation 16 gauge installed $23 ($32 value) per frame
Available in the following Grips:

One frame grip 4 1/8 (G1) $96.99

Two frame grip 4 1/8 (G1) $181.98 that is $90.99 a frame
Additional postage is required for International ($12) and destinations not in 48 states ($5)
One frame grip 4 1/2 (G4) $89.99
Two frames grip 4 1/2 (G4) $161.98 that is $80.99 a frame
Additional postage is required for International ($12) and destinations not in 48 states ($5)

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