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Wilson (K) Blade Team (MP)
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Wilson K Factor Blade Team tennis racket in a midplus 104 square inch head.

The choice of WTA tour players Venus and Serena Williams, the K Blade Team weighs 10.2 ounces unstrung and is 27.25 inches long.

It is balanced at 32.5 cm for a 7 pt head light rating. The K Blade Team also features a Wilson Kontrol grip.

The K Blade Team features Karophite technology which utilizes carbon black nano fiber for better control and feel. Kcompact center for longer base, more control and Konstruction new frame design and more stability. 4(k)ubed equals 64% more Kontrol.

Recommended string tension is 53 to 63 lbs on this 18X19 string pattern. With a stiffness of 57 and a straight beam width of 22mm, I would recommend this racket for players with long fast swings who want a lot of control. The dense string pattern, narrow beam, and 104 head size combined with a 57 stiffness allows a player to be very aggressive and keep the ball in play at the same time.

Available only in the following Grip:
Available in the following Grips:
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