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Suggested Retail $209
Wilson (K) Zen Team FX (Orange)

Check our listing for the Wilson (K) zen Team FX (Rose)

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Wilson K Factor Zen Team FX (Orange) tennis racket in a mid plus 103 square inch head.

The K Zen Team FX features Karophite technology which utilizes carbon black nano fiber for better control and feel. Kcompact center for longer base, more control and Konstruction new frame design and more stability. 4(k)ubed equals 64% more Kontrol.

Wilson's new FX technology uses an innovative Quad Shaft Frame geometry to provide greater stability by distributing weight to 4 pillars instead of two. As a result FX technology delivers 23 % more torsional stability.

It is balanced at 33.5 cm for a 3 pt HL.

This racket does come with the Full Racket Case.

One frame strung with Wilson Sensation T $22 (Reg. $30)
Available in the following grip sizes:
One frame grip 4 5/8 (G5)  gone

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